A Jobs Plan for All New Yorkers

In the 2017 State of the City, Mayor de Blasio set a goal of using direct City actions to spur 100,000 new, quality jobs over the next ten years. While the City will continue to encourage overall economic and job growth, it will specifically catalyze 100,000 quality jobs through City investments and direct actions. This plan is a roadmap to meet that goal, to drive up New Yorkers’ incomes and, together with investments in housing and schools, make New York a more affordable place for people to live and work.

These jobs will pay at least $50,000 a year or put people on a clear pathway towards achieving that level of wages. This will provide a new generation of New Yorkers the opportunity to pursue a middle class career.

New York Works has three goals:

  1. Invest in the creation of middle-class jobs
  2. Ensure those jobs are accessible to New Yorkers
  3. Prepare for the jobs of the future

5 Strategies to Create Good Jobs for New Yorkers

New York City will create 100,000 good-paying jobs across five strategies:

Tech: Building on its booming tech economy, the City will support the application of new and innovative technologies across industries to create 30,000 good jobs for New Yorkers and strengthen businesses across the city.

Life Sciences and Healthcare: The City will support the creation of 15,000 jobs within the life sciences and healthcare sectors, focusing on improved healthcare delivery and continuing to spur the development of the life sciences ecosystem.

Industrial and Manufacturing: The City will create 20,000 jobs within the New York City industrial and manufacturing ecosystem
to facilitate the production and movement of goods into, around, and out of the city.

Creative and Cultural Sectors: The City will support the creation of 10,000 jobs within the creative and cultural sectors that attract talent and define the New York City brand.

Space for Jobs of the Future: The City will create 25,000 jobs through supporting robust office districts in Manhattan and investing in emerging commercial centers.

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